Robyn Gosbell

Lives and works in Sydney, studied under Sydney artist Robert Grieve. Studied at the Saci University, Florence.

Robyn Gosbell has been painting since the age of 12 and currently lives and works in Sydney, NSW. She studied under Sydney artist Robert Grieve, completing her Fine Art Certification Course in 1983 with distinction. In 2007 she attended the Saci University in Florence, Italy where she was awarded distinction for her oils. Her travels throughout Europe influences her, however her work continues to express her deep love for Australia. Recent works of Kimberley and Kakadu as well as the beaches and parklands of Sydney, as well as landscapes of Ireland, Italy and France have captured the magic of the areas and have gained prizes in competitions. Gosbell writes for Art Magazines and is requested to judge for competitions, critiques Art Society Groups and teaches other artists. Her paintings are held in public and private collections all over the world and her commissions have been prolific and highly desired, they include commissions to convey the history of some of the largest private schools. She has been world acclaimed with prizes and commendations.