William Coleman

Born in Ballarat in 1922 ,Coleman studied at the Melbourne Technical College,and at the George Bell School. He died in 1992.

William Coleman (known as Bill) was born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1922. He studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and then went on to study for six years under George Bell. Coleman married Benita-Amalie Coleman. He worked as a photolithographic and cartographic artist, creating illustrations for books such as the ‘Natural History Picture Book for Children’ in 1961. He also worked at Minton’s Art Pottery where he designed tiles and plates. His paintings are stylized with simple and angular forms, and invites comparison to the work of Robert Dickerson and John Brack. He has won many awards including the ACI award at the VAS winter exhibition in 1977 and a Diploma for the best ten in composition at the Twenty-Eight Grand Prix International, in France 1977. Coleman died in 1993. His work is represented in the New York Public Library Collection and several regional and private collections in Australia.

All artwork for sale on this page is by Australian artist  William /Bill Coleman